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Sell your property.

We market your properties on the largest property search engines such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Sell your HMO

Genie homes sell all kinds of properties particular specialists in HMO’s, flats and tenanted properties which other agents find difficult to value and manage properly.

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We are particular expertise in HMO which can be complicated to set up and manage. We have a whole page dedicated to HMOs and our HMO services please click below for more information.

Vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ

What is the process for selling my home with your agency?

The process for selling your home with our agency typically involves an initial consultation to discuss your goals and options, followed by the listing and marketing of your home to potential buyers. We will work with you to set a competitive asking price, and handle all aspects of the negotiation and sale process.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our fees for selling your home will depend on the specific services we provide and the sale price of your home. We will discuss our fee structure with you in more detail during the initial consultation.

How will you market my home to potential buyers?

We will market your home to potential buyers through a variety of channels, including listing it on our website, but most importantly Rightmove and Zoopla, we also advertise in local media if a listing requires, and showcase in open houses and private showings.

How do you determine the asking price for my home?

We determine the asking price for your home by performing a comparative market analysis, which involves researching the prices of similar homes in your area that have recently sold or are currently on the market. We will also consider factors such as the condition and features of your home, as well as current market trends.

Can you provide a comparative market analysis for my home?

Yes, we can provide a comparative market analysis for your home upon request.

How do you handle negotiations with buyers?

We handle negotiations with buyers on your behalf, keeping you informed every step of the way once an offer is received. Once buyers and offers are vetted properly, we will work to achieve the best possible price for the sale of your home.

How do you handle the paperwork and legal aspects of the sale?

We will work with your appointed solicitor via our dedicated sales progressor. You will get regular updates on the sale as we move through the conveyancing. Your solicitor will handle all the legal paperwork.

Can you recommend any professionals, such as lawyers or contractors, to help with the sale process?

Yes, we can recommend professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers or contractors to help with the sale process if needed.

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