Seller FAQ.

I'm worried that I don't have the correct documents for my HMO.

Contact us. We will guide you through the process. We have never found a property yet that is unsalvageable. We'll hold your hand and get the property saleable. You must take the first step and we'll help with the rest.

What is the market like for selling HMOs?

Good! The answer is good. HMOs have been flavour of the month in investor eyes for the past few years. The high yields are more attractive than single let properties and multiple tenants helps spread your risk when it comes to rent arrears. Ready-made HMOs are perfect to sell onto investors that want a great property but are happy not to renovate.

Is your marketing really BETTER?

Yes. Our directors have a combined 20 years experience of not just selling properties but sourcing property for investment to high net worth clients.

Along with the usual Rightmove and Zoopla adverts, the biggest difference between us and other agents is that we have a large database of investors. We have access to investors from all over the globe. Many of our buyers are from Hong Kong, China and Dubai as well as domestic investors in London.

We send all of our commercial properties out to our database as well as holding webinars with set groups of high net worth individuals on a regular basis.

Do you only sell HMOs?

Of course not. HMOs are our specialty, but there is always a place on our books for family homes. We are used to going the extra mile on marketing and having complex sales. Both beneficial qualities when selling your family home. The right staging and photos can add thousands of pounds to the offers you get. It's that simple. Get your marketing right and you make more money from your sale. We go above and beyond on every single property.

Why should I pick Genie Homes?

Would you look to buy a car from a bicycle shop? Of course you wouldn't. Even though technically they are both methods of transport. By the same token, HMOs are not family homes. Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, in terms of return, HMOs are the sportscar of the property world and need to be marketed as such. They require an agent who understands the strategy in it's entirity. An agent who has worked with HMO buyers for years and knows what they want to see. The agent you pick needs to know how to stage your HMOs, the compliance associated with HMOs and, VERY IMPORTANTLY, how to value HMOs in the first place. You will not get the level of service and expertise needed from your regular High St agent. Always use a specialist.